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Sunday Mornings at 8a EST

carmenThe Colorado Wave is hosted and produced by Carmen Allgood, the first DJ in the United States to produce a local music show that started in 1986 with The Homegrown Artists Hour on 97.3 FM KKLR in Oklahoma City. This show featured over 1500 artists. After moving to Colorado in the late 1980s, she decided to continue her local music show which became known as The Colorado Wave on a small station, and has spread around the world in 2000 with over 100 affiliates, including WRAJ Internet Radio, in 2006.

So every Sunday morning, wake up and cruise the Colorado River, explore the Rocky Mountains, and listen to the 8000 Colorado musicians who make the Colorado Wave the next biggest hit on WRAJ Internet Radio.

During the show, Carmen will play some of the Colorado Musicians in the Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Acoustics, Alternative Rock, World Beat, Newgrass, Swing, and Country Rock.

For more information, click here to visit the Colorado Wave website!