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August 25, 2006

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Kitty MaryMary, one of our lady pirates, decided to wear one of Sarah's (A Ninja) cat masks. Meow!
Group Shot!!Group Shot! From left to right: McDonalds Ninja Jon, Snow Ninja Sarah, Pretty Pirate Mary and ... Pirate Mike.
Epic Battle to the Death!The epic battle between Captain Steph and Snow Ninja Sarah unfolds. Who will win?
Drunken MenBoys will be boys. And this Ninja and Pirate are both drunk. (No, not really XD)
Pretty DangerousPretty Pirate Mary holds that black wooden katana. Look out, or she'll kick your butt!
DeathSnow Ninja Sarah shows off her skills as she assassinates that "zombie" Jeff. He shouldn't have broken the rules...heh heh
AccessorisingWow! Your hankerchif is so cool! Lemme see it! While ... Pirate Mike and Pretty Pirate Mary examine their hair pieces, McDonalds Ninja Jon spies on them. No one can see you.
A Creative ArsenolMy, my. Pirates sure have strange ideas for weapons. ...Pirate Mike and Pretty Pirate Mary check out their arsenol.
Cheater! Cheater!Tch. Yves you cheater!!! I know you cheated!
Poor Chris...