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May 5, 2006

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Keep that tongue out!Jenn made a beautiful face at the camera when this picture was taken. I think they were going for pizza.
What a great crew.While Sarah worked at beating Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Jenn decided to climb onto the back of the couch. It looks like Jen and Anthony are cheering Sara hon in the game. Or they're cheering for Jenn who is on the back of the couch.
Smash away.Anthony, Mike and Sarah were playing Super Smash Bros. With Anthony as Mario, Mike as ganondorf and Sarah all alone as Marth.
Sarah: Jennnnn! Help me please! Sheeeeik!
Mr. FixitJim and Mike fixing up Jim's computer.
Mike: Now let's open it up and take a look.
Jen: OMG! A naked computer!
Sarah: O_O
Anthony: ....Any way!
Mike: ~eye roll~
Jimmy: ~laughs hysterically~
That's a great idea!Sarah was playing Legend of Zelda while this picture was being taken. Guess some one said something to her to make her think.
What's that?Jim and Mike testing out if the computer works okay. Is that not a weird picture?
Pimping!Some one said Mike was pimping because he had so many girls next to him. Quite the ladies man. Anthony was in the back taking something out of the trunk. Looks like he was posing in the back.
We're at the mall!I think Sarah was always sitting on the groung while every parked themselves over here.