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The Afternoon Show

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Running AroundAnthony running around the studios! Wonder what he is looking for?
Going on the air!Anthony going on the air! Wait a minute! You are going on to soon!
You're Fired!As Anthony's mousepad says, "You're Fired!" Don't worry, he'll just say "You're Hired," if you have been good!
Anthony prepares AfternoonAnthony prepares the Afternoon Show LIVE.
Anthony at the broadcastingAnthony getting ready to go on the year! gulp.
Anthony as the principal!"GET TO CLASS"
Anthony is now the voice of Connetquot!That's right! You hear him every morning at 8 AM at Connetquot High School, it's Anthony. Anthony is one of the best morning announcer in Connetquot's history by the spirit he brings to over 3,000 people at Connetquot High School each morning.
Katelyn Tarver stops byAmerican Juniors finalist Katelyn Tarver stopped by the WRAJ Internet Radio studios on Long Island for a live on-air interview with Anthony on February 25, 2005.

You can check out Katelyn's website at katelyntarveronline.com!
September 17, 2004This a clip of the return of the Afternoon Show with Anthony.

Filmed by Jennifer